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Public Auction Catalog

CatalogThe auction catalog consisting of parcels listing that will be offered at public auction during the current year. You can view and print parcel listing and can also export listings to Microsoft © Excel.

Post Auction Sales Lists

Post AuctionPost Auction Sales Lists contain parcels that have previously been offered at public auction but did not sell. These parcels are available for sale from the Commissioner of State Lands office through a post auction sale process.

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Claim Excess Proceeds

ExcessExcess Proceeds are funds collected through the sales of tax delinquent properties in Arkansas. These funds consist of the amount of money collected over the amount of taxes, penalties and interest due at the time of sale. These funds are held 4 years, by the Commissioner of State Lands, and are collectable by the original record owner of the property beginning one year after the sale date. If the funds are not collected during the time period pertaining to the specific parcel then they are returned to the county in which the property resides.

County Reporting

County reports include monthly redemption and sales reports, tax turnback reports, excess proceed turnback reports and recording fee reports

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